What’s in it for me?

ProductCamp is an unconference, which means the participants create the program.

You all determine the content of the sessions, which is a great way to address topics that are relevant to you and share knowledge with one another. We know that great sessions are the main reason people attend ProductCamp, that’s why we need you.

We start with a keynote: How to Create Products that Matter by Magda Ropotan

Then: Design Sprints Intro Workshop by Milena Vlad and Ileana Georgiu

Then we continue with Open Space

See detailed program on the homepage

Open Space Proposed Topics

Here is a list with the topics that participants proposed so far. Some or all of them, along with others that we discover on the Unconference day will be sustained during parallel Open Space sessions:

  • Train creativity in writing User Story using Story Cubes
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Customer Discovery & Retention
  • User Personas
  • Product roadmap
  • Launch
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • What other product managers do at work (how their day looks like)
  • Metric-based decisions: since a Product position usually holds little formal authority, I’ve often had to rely on convincing people with actual authority that the best course of action to take is the one that doesn’t get me fired 6 months later for messing up the project. I’ve found that my best option for doing this is moving the decision away from optimism and into the (exciting!) realm of numbers and metrics. While not winning me any popularity contests (or dates), my formula-laden spreadsheets have time and time again helped me believe I am backing the right decision.
  • I am working now on launching a mobile application that addresses both B2B and B2C markets and I want to understand and learn how to properly deliver a perfect customer experience on mobile.
  • How to build a community
  • Product/service testing. From idea to potential customer groups to actual mass production/release
  • XP – game, a method of PBL prioritization, estimations and SP.
  • Launching new products in the digital age, and how the new everchanging and disruptive environment affects startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Agile methodology and working in Sprints
  • Neuromarketing