by Milena Vlad and Ileana Georgiu, New Haircut

Milena Vlad 

Learn How Design Sprints Work

by tackling a real life challenge in an hands-on, intensive 2h workshop.

You can Expect

  • To gain an overview of 5-day Design Sprint Process
  • Experiment with idea generation, critical thinking, problem solving and rapid-prototyping
  • Hands-on activities, teamwork and fun

Workshop Agenda

  • What is a Design Sprint?
  • Understand & focus
  • Break
  • Get inspired together
  • Sketch
  • Wrap-up & Q&A

Bring your device (phone, tablet, laptop)

Why Design Sprints?

Great ideas are everywhere, but even the greatest ideas face an uncertain path to realworld
success. What if you could eliminate all of the wasted time, money, and effort
invested in building the wrong solutions?
Design Sprints have this superpower and they allow you to see your finished product
and your customer’s reactions in just 5 days.

Sprints can help companies big or small, to:

  • Solve big challenges
  • Answer critical business questions
  • Jumpstart a project or initiatives
  • Confidently develop new products
  • Ideate a specific area of your product
  • Create an MVP Roadmap
  • Engage new audiences
  • Assess the viability of new businesses
  • Define marketing strategies
  • Foster team building & collaboration


A Design Sprint is a 5-step process that uses design
thinking to reduce the risk of failure when launching a
new service, product or feature to the market.

New Haircut

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